How plentypins works

plentypins brings the good, old pinboard to the web. In fact, plentypins enables you to post different kinds of content (e.g. notes, bookmarks, photos, dates, ...) on a virtual pinboard and share this board with your friends, club colleagues, sports mates or family members. All members of a certain pinboard can now collaborate on the shared items and keep themselves up-to-date.

Click and pin

Adding items to plentypins feels natural and intuitive, just like using a real pinboard.


Fast and easy

Organize and collaborate at the drop of a pin
wherever you go.


Pin follows function

plentypins has a special pin for every category,
so you can recognize different items at a glance.


Share and collaborate

plentypins allows you to create different pinboards so you can share notes with your friends on one board and dates with your
band on another.


Safe and reliable

Only you and the people you invite will have access to your shared pinboards – no one else.


Pin and relax

If it’s on plentypins, it’s safe. plentypins will
tie your lose ends together and remind you
when an item is due – so you can relax and
focus on other things.